Sports Injury Assessment & Management

Sports Injury Assessment & Management

Sports injury is a common and frustrating problem. Whether you are a high performance sports person or a Sunday walker, a quick return to sport is vital. Our Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat the injuries sustained during the sporting activities. We are committed to enabling your return to your sporting activity as soon as possible following an injury.

Our experienced Physiotherapists are also involved with local sporting clubs and have the required clinical expertise and set of skills to help you reduce your time away from the sport.

Treatment goals can include:

  • Relieving your pain quicker
  • Improving your scar tissue
  • Getting you back to sport or work quicker
  • Loosening or strengthening of soft tissues
  • Improving your performance

We are here to assist you back to the level of fitness and sport at which you wish to return. Feel free to consult our Physiotherapists for guidance and support.